DFab Demo: Delicious Demos

The Latest Digital Fabrication Research from UW

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October 29, 2019

Paul G Allen Center Atrium

The first demo featuring the digital fabrication research from across UW and snacks.

The Lineup

Jubilee: An Extensible Platform for Multitool Fabrication

Joshua Vasquez, Nadya Peek(HCDE), Hannah Twigg-Smith, Jasper Tran O’Leary
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New Materials for Additive Manufacturing

Alshakim Nelson
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Programmable Materials

Jeff Lipton(ME)
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Carpentry Compiler

Chenming Wu, Haisen Zhao, Chandrakana Nandi, Jeffrey Lipton, Zachary Tatlock, Adriana Schulz
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High Level Knitting

Ben Jones, Yuxan Mei, Haisen Zhao, Adriana Schulz
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3D Printing Challenges in Medical Simulation

David Hananel, School of Medicine
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Fabricating Manipulatives to Support Concept Comprehension in Introductory Computer Science

Lauren Bricker
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