DFab Demo: Machines that Make

The Latest Digital Fabrication Research from UW

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December 3, 2019

Mechanical Engineering Building

Hear about the latest research in digital fabrication UW researchers in including Insect Robots and 3D printing metal.

The Lineup

Homebrew Selective Laser Sintering Machine

Tianyu Jiang, Xu Chen (ME)
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Autonomous Insect Robots

Yogesh Chukewad, Johannes James, Vikram Iyer, Sawyer Fuller (ME)
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Multi-headed 3D Printing System

Frikk H Fossdal, Nadya Peek (HCDE)
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Implicit Modeling Software

Chris Uchytil, Mark Ganter, Duane Sorti (ME)
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3D Printing Metal

Ramulu Mamidala (ME), Dwayne Arola (MSE)
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Two-Photon Lithography for Nano 3D Printing

Andrea Exil, Caelan Wisont, Robert Verdoes, Zainab Patel, Lucas Meza (ME)
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Autonomous Mobile Jigsaw

Jeff Lipton (ME)
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Woof3D Club Space

Woof3D RSO
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